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Winter/Spring Season Winners 2020:

Best Short, Best Director, Best Original Score
The Light Thief
The Light Thief

Director/Writer: Eva Daoud

Editing: Sergio Rozas

Music: Jorge Magaz, Pablo Martin Caminero

Country: Spain

Overview: When the essence of Love is snatched from someone and locked away in a vessel with no name , what happens to those persons and how do they change? How can the broken hearted souls break that curse and recover from their pain? Can they regain their spark by overcoming dark supernatural forces?

Best Drama Short


Director/Writer/Producer: Dekel Berenson

Producers: Merlin Merton, Olga Beskhmelnytsina

“Anna”: Svetlana Barandich

Country: United Kingdom

Overview:Cannes Official Selection 19' - Living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine, Anna is an aging single mother who is desperate for a change. Lured by a radio advertisement, she goes to party with a group of American men who are touring the country, searching for love.

Best Animation Short

Division Series
Division Series

Director/Writer: HO KWON KIM

Producer: JIN SOO LEE

Country: Republic of Korea

Overview: Prime Minister Abe goes into KFC(Kennedy Fried Chicken) stores to buy chicken, but chicken is already sold out. At the next table, presidents from various countries start playing cards to win the last chicken basket.

Director Statement: For World Peace & Better Life.

Best Documentary Short


Director/Writer/Producer: Jaafar Muraad

Country: Iraq

Overview: The story of Iraqi victims who were tortured and humiliated by the Saddam Hussein regime because they refused to fight in the first Gulf War and their struggle for fair recognition. After the first Gulf war and the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, the Iraqi Dictator, Saddam Hussein, eventually regained control of Iraq. He issued the Order NO. 115 to capture and punish all Iraqis who had refused to fight due to their opposition to the policy of the regime.

Director Statement: As an Iraqi Director, having achieved my Masters Degree in Film Production in the UK I can use my experience to explore the values of Middle Eastern and European cultures. In Le Voyage I discuss the impact of the Saddam Regime on an individual living in fear in the UK. I explore the psychological impact in a comedic satire way. In Back To Victoria I explore the misconceptions of western society on Middle Easter living in UK. In Behind The Mirror I test Middle Eastern values on sexuality and sexual freedoms in a western setting.

Best Art/Experimental Short, Best Student Director
The Day You Long For

Directors/Writer: Benoit Ganesan

Producer: Ciaran Page

Country: United Kingdom

Overview: A surreal drama set on Christmas Day. Sebastian spends this festive season in the hospital after being involved in a car accident. He tortures his mind and soul by reliving the moments that led him down the path of self-destruction to the present moment.

Director Statement: With the story of “The Day You Long For”, I wanted to create a somber and atmospheric experience for the audience. Delving deep into how we as individuals feel when trying to figure out our purpose within this world. The film focuses on the theme of living within the moment. A life lesson to both myself and to the viewers to stop focusing on chasing that next “big” opportunity around the corner but taking the chance to see the beauty in life in front of you.

Best Microfilm


Director: Martin Kamminga

Producer: Conway Dobbs

Country: United Kingdom

Overview: Two kings do battle for supremacy on the chess board

Director Statement: I wanted to create a film in which the audience is drawn into a world we have never seen before; in this case two chess pieces battling for victory. In "Draw" we see the hidden violence concealed behind the gentleman's game of chess.

Best Comedy Short

Mind Over Matter
Mind Over Matter

Director: Paul Cheung

Writers/Producer: Al Eales

Country: United Kingdom

Overview: Mind Over Matter is a short film set in the not too distant future that pays homage to the art scene... warts and all. We join the opening night of an anonymous Artist's new exhibition of work as he unveils his most daring collection of art to date. What price would you pay for art?

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Short, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Design
The Beacon
The Beacon

Director: Chris Staehler

Producer: Christopher P. Purdy

Cinematographer: Christopher P. Purdy

Editor: Nicole Acevedo

Sound Designer: Bo Pang

Writers: David Quandt and Chris Staehler

Country: United States

Overview: This short film tells the story about a young shipping pilot, searching for his missing wife.

Best Mobile Short, Best Actor/Actress (Melissa Celikovic)

Director/Producer: Antonio Chavez Trejo

Writer/Producer: Melissa Celikovic

Key Cast “Eris”: Melissa Celikovic

Country: United States

Overview:Eris a young tormented woman goes into an introspective path as her depression grows, forcing to question herself the reasons of her existence while the darkness within her begin to tempt her to put an end to the depression and pain once and for all.

Best Drone Short

Winterdream in Bavaria
Winterdream in Bavaria

Director/Writer/Producer: Paul Hoehenberger

Country: Germany

Overview: WINTERTIME on a small lake on a cold winter morning in the district Landsberg am Lech in the south of Bavaria.

Best Trailer/Teaser

Code 13: Unreadable
Code 13: Unreadable

Director/Writer: Seth Chitwood

Director: Seng 2kx

Writer/Producer: Charlie Alejandro

Producer: Mel Alejandro

Country: United States

Overview: The official trailer for the upcoming police drama "Code 13: Unreadable".

Special Award: Best Inspirational Short

Little Boy

Director/Writer/Producer: Clément Papillon

Country: France

Overview: Do you see inside the person as we see his smile. It is not prevention but a message filled with love. Little boy loves you, little boy will welcome you with open arms. A film that aims to overcome suicide and depression.

Director Biography: Clement Papillon born in 1997 at Lagny sur Marne (France) Director of 23 years old. He wrote and directed his film. He has always wanted to engage in the art of cinema to demonstrate the injustices of our world.

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